Museum of East Asian Art

Köln, Germany
+49 221 22128608

The Museum of East Asian Art, opened in 1913, was an affirmation of an enlightened dialogue with the world. Its purpose was to allow a new and undistorted view of the art of East Asia and provide modern intellectual stimuli for a Western society in cultural upheaval. Against the background of the chauvinistic colonial policy being pursued by the German Empire under Kaiser Wilhelm II in China, the foundation of the museum in 1909 documented a striking rejection of delusions of German superiority. As a result of the devastating consequences of the First and Second World Wars, however, the legacy of the museum’s founders was brought to an abrupt end. It was only with the opening of the new building next to the Aachener Weiher in 1977 that a new start was possible following the destruction wrought by the war. Since then, the Museum of East Asian Art has been committed to the original idea of its founders.