Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology

Kraków, Poland

The Manggha Museum is the only state institution popularizing Japanese culture in Poland, combining museum work with projects characteristic of a modern cultural institution. In addition to high artistic rank, attractive forms of public display are the primary criteria in our programming. Due to evident cultural differences, the manner of communicating specialized knowledge becomes an issue of key importance. The methods developed over the years at the Manggha Museum enable us to devise insightful and attractive presentations of phenomena relating to historical and modern-day Japan alike.

In reference to its activities and events, the Manggha Museum is an active publisher. Our publications serve not only as documentation of the exhibitions and lectures, but primarily as a source of reliable and well-researched information in a variety of fields, such as culture, art, architecture, anthropology, etc. Our publications are compendiums on Japanese topics prepared by the best Polish and Japanese specialists. The Museum’s primary agenda is to disseminate Far Eastern art, culture and technology, and also European art of the 20th and 21st centuries inspired by art originating in the Far East.