Day 3 | Nagahama - Echizen

View on Nagahama city

Alarm clock at 8am. I slept very well. Breakfast here between 6.30am and 7.30am. The Japanese are morning people. So in the last few days I have missed the “inclusive breakfast” a couple of times. Fortunately, Vladimir went yesterday to ask if we could have breakfast in the annex of the hotel, where it is possible to eat until 9 o’clock!

Today we are planning a walk around the local castle with its Japanese garden and lots of sakura. The gardens around the castle are in the top 100 places to see the cherry blossoms. We take their word for it but save the gardens for next time. The weather here is autumn again. Rain, wind and cold. As an alternative we decide to visit the castle. There is a nice exhibition of old landscape drawings and paintings. At the top of the tower is an observation deck. From there we have a great view over the city, the cherry blossom trees and the sea.

Old street in Nagahama

Finally, a stroll through the historic centre. Lots of shops, lots of pretty houses. Sitting at a low table with leg warmers, we eat delicious shoba noodles.

Then back to the station. A little rained out and cold, I discover that the ubiquitous vending machines also serve hot coffee. What a blessing!

View from train window

Two trains later, with beautiful cloud-covered mountain views, we arrive in Echizen. This is where the Mokuhanga 2024 Conference will be held.
Part of the reason for our visit to Japan.